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At the start of everyone's recovery, they will find themselves in the fear zone overwhelmed and engulfed with anxiety. This is where sufferers are not sure of what they need to do and how to move forward in their recovery journey. This questionnaire aims to change that and provide a clearer path for these individuals.


Here at Skin Health Centre, we treat many clients that are experiencing traumatic & life disturbing conditions. Besides the physical healing that we provide, we also recognise the emotional and mental trauma that the sufferers have to endure. Hence, we realise the importance of emotional and mental healing as it plays a very big part in their recovery. We hope to provide this free for all skin sufferers who are struggling to cope with their emotions and mental health. Over the course of working intimately with more than a thousand TSW skin sufferers who were at different junctions of their recovery, we have came up with a structured diagram to help one identify their progress. 

If you find yourself struggling emotionally and mentally in your skin recovery journey, we encourage you to try out this questionnaire to discover the junction of your emotional and mental state.

Questionnaire on Zones

This questionnaire will help you to identify which state of your mental and emotional health you are in and we provide some directions and resources for you to progress from there.


We have created some resources which we believe can be very helpful in your recovery journey. These resources include more information about your condition, steps you can take to better your recovery and how you can maintain your progress. 

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Resource name

Resource name

Resource name

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