"We no longer use relief lotion or cream. We are using stem cells technology to rebuild & renew the skin."
Chronic Skin Conditions

Normal wound healing process starts with coagulation and fibrin clot formation called hemostasis. It is then followed by the inflammatory phase where inflammation cells will initiate repair and promote proliferation of cells for skin regeneration and reparation. However, an interruption in the normal wound healing process and an imbalance in the regulation of inflammation at the wound bed can lead to defective healing. If the inflammation remains unresolved, this would lead to the development of non-healing chronic wound.

This is when the power of stem cell technology outshines!
What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body. They are distinguished from other cell types by two important characteristics:


1. The ability to renew itself

Stem cells are unspecialized cells capable of renewing themselves through numerous cycles of cell divisions while maintaining their undifferentiated state.


2. The ability to give rise to specialized cell Stem cells have the capacity to differentiate to other cell types, to give rise to a more specialized cell.

Why are Stem Cells Important?

Stem cells are important for living organisms for many reasons. The inner cells give rise to the entire body of the organism, including all of the many specialized cell types and organs. In some adult tissues, discrete populations of adult stem cells generate replacements for cells that are lost through normal wear and tear, injury, or disease.

How Does Stem Cell Technology Treat My Unmet Dermatological Conditions?

Cells, tissues, and organs can sometimes be permanently damaged or lost by disease, injury and genetic conditions. Stem cells growth factor technology helps to generate new cells to replace those that are damaged or lost.


Stem cells can be guided into becoming specific cells that can be used to regenerate and repair diseased or damaged tissues in people.

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It’s about time you experience the power of the Stem Cell Technology!

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