Symptoms of Red Skin Syndrome vary from person to person, depending on the history of their condition and medication. Severe cases may experience most, if not all of the symptoms as the condition progresses, while mild cases may only experience a few.


Symptoms may appear and disappear throughout the condition, and many Red Skin Syndrome patients experience flare cycles.

Persons with Red Skin Syndrome may experience the following:

  • Rash that is spreading or is appearing in other areas that have not been affected before, such as at the elbow and knee bends

  • Redness. Itchiness, warm/burning and stinging sensation

  • Flaking 

  • Oozing

  • Edema/swelling

  • Hair loss/Alopecia areata

  • Weight loss

  • Hypersensitivity to wind, moisture, and allergens such as dust, pollen

  • Insomnia 

  • Fatigue

  • Enlarged lymph nodes

  • Nerve pain which can be manifested as jolts of the limbs or the body

  • Inability to regulate body temperature; getting the chills even in warm weather, cold hands and feet, shivers

What are the symptoms of  Red Skin Syndrome?

How do we help with your Red Skin Syndrome condition?

Patients with Red Skin Syndrome experience the above symptoms due to skin thinning and skin cell growth suppression, causing an extended recovery period from the condition.

High Pulse Blue Laser and Regenerative Laser treat Red Skin Syndrome by:

  • Igniting multiple growth factors to stimulate the cell proliferation process that was suppressed

  • Effectively eliminating germs and bacteria on the affected skin area to prevent bacteria infection and speed up the healing process

  • Strengthening the skin immunity and barrier against irritants

Natural Healing with Time
With High-Pulse Blue Laser
and Regenerative Laser
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Regenerative  Laser
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If you are unsure what skin condition you might be experiencing, book an appointment for consultation with us. Our Skin Health Consultation will be happy to help you with:

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  2. Identifying the causes and triggers of your skin condition

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