"I'm literally in tears...my red skin syndrome went on for years but Skin Health Centre  managed to save me in a few treatments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Om

Who are we?

Skin Health Centre specialize in handling persistent skin disorders, focusing on Eczema and Red Skin Syndrome. We have handled more than 1000 clients in the last 12 years using non-medicinal methods, helping our clients to be independent of their skin conditions.  

How can Skin Health Centre help me?

Under our professional care, we use regenerative treatments to treat skin disorder at its root cause and behavioural science to stop the persistently repeated flare-up cycle and reliance on medication. Our treatment does not involve the use of steroids, protopic, herbal or synthetic material ensuring no undesirable side effect in the short and long term.  

Behavioural Science
Regenerative  Laser
Skin Health Restored

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With High-Pulse Blue Laser
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Non-Steroidal Methods

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The help you need to restore your skin health is just one consultation away. Skin Health Centre provides a detailed and comprehensive   consultation with a personalised recovery plan for those suffering from persistent skin disorders.

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Where are we located?


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